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June 12, 2024
Well I've been quite remiss in updating this portion of my website, eh!
I'm just getting started on the busiest season - and it's shaping up well.
I've worked hard to leave myself some rest days this summer.
We'll see how it goes.
But I am so happy to play so many new venues, as well as a couple house gigs and my fave regular venues.
I'm so lucky to be more than 18 years full time in music.
And I hope to see you out there soon!
My calendar is updated to the end of August - I'll get the rest done asap.
Take care my friends.


Dec 26, 2023
Happy Boxing Day!
Looking back on 2023 - it was the busiest of my 18 year career.
So very happy, grateful and tired :-)


By NYE, I will have played 278 shows.
A highlight was absolutely being asked to open for Jim Byrnes, at Bozzini's celebration of 400 shows. Thank you to Bozzini's for hosting great concerts for so long, and well, for asking.

In 2024, I am so very happy to announce that I will playing every Friday at The Loft @ Meadow Gardens Golf Club, AND playing every Sat, 1-5 pm May 25 to Aug 31, (except 3 special events) at Festina Lente Winery.

Wishing everyone all the laughter & love in the New Year!
Thank you for your support.
I'll see you out there.


Oct 8, 2023
Happy Thanksgiving Canada!
I am so very grateful for so many things.
This summer was bananas.
I booked 28-31 gigs per month from May through to Oct.

I want to thank all the venues, agents, family, friends and fans for everything.
Check out my Calendar Page for my public gigs through the winter.
See you out there!


May 29, 2023
Holy wow - it's been a whirlwind already!
Thank you so much to the venues and good people supporting live music.
I list my public gigs on my Calendar Page - I'll be all over the Lower Mainland, to the Island, Okanagan and Shuswap.

I'm bound to get to your area - come on out!


Feb 13, 2023
It's been a stellar couple months of booking for 2023.
2022 was my busiest year with 191 dates - this year is looking to be at least that.
So happy and grateful for all the venues who are hosting live music...
Many of my musician compadres are finding the same thing - they are very busy.
Keep supporting live music - thank you....!
All my public gig are listed on my calendar.
See you out there.

Nov 8, 2022
Wow what a summer season - and extending to the end of Oct.
Grateful for being so busy!
But glad to see some space in my schedule for the winter. 
A very happy surprise as I was voted Best Performer 2022 at the White Rock Farmers Market...!
Thank you to all who voted, and to the wonderful management, staff, volunteers and vendors for making the White Rock market such a pleasure to attend.

Check my schedule for some regular public gigs through the winter - please stop by and say Hi!

Aug 22 2022
It was about 5 weeks to full recovery from the lingering cough - but I was lucky to be back playing in 3 weeks.
And glad to have a full recovery - so many have long term affects from Covid.
This summer has been the busiest ever - thank you to all the venues, events, staff, word of mouth and everyone who is supporting Live Music.
Still got lots to go!

Check my calendar for my public gigs - and I'll see you out there!

June 29 2022
Unfortunately I fell ill while on a short tour of the BC Thompson & Shuswap and had to come home.
Currently I am still at home recovering - and will be back playing as soon as I can!
Series of Covid tests negative, but  with the wily new variants, it's hard to know. 
Just resting and hoping for improvement.
Take good care out there - and I'll see you soon!

April 15,, 2022
My summer is pretty much full!
Got some new venues,  & lots of familiar places.
Looking forward to getting to the Okanagan again, and Vancouver Island.
Sending out all the good thoughts that this summer will have less wildfire activity than the last 5.
Here's hoping...
See you out there soon!


Nov 17,, 2021

I've been extremely fortunate that music came back for me full time in June 2021.
But at the moment, Southern BC is in a state of emergency with catastrophes floods and landslides.
My town , Chilliwack, is currently cut off from the rest of BC.
I am fine - and lucky to be one of the ones stranded while at home.
But I can't get to any of my scheduled gigs at the moment.
I'll update my calendar as the days unfold.

Take good care out there!

May 16,, 2021
With the warm Spring weather comes the opening of Farmer's Markets.
With the increasing number of vaccinated people comes the light at the end of the tunnel.
A few outdoor gigs are springing up - check my calendar, and come on out!

The venues I am playing have full protocols in place.
It's been a long 14 months for all of us.
Stay well and safe - hope to see you soon.


Nov 4,, 2020
It has been a tough 8 months for so many people.
Thank you so much to the wonderful people who have reached out with their friendship and support.

Be calm, be kind, be safe.

Psychic hugs and love from the Canadian West Coast.


June 26,, 2020
My first Cd - 'Jana Seale' is now available to buy digitally through iTunes, Apple Music and several other platforms.
Whatever your source for digital tracks - you should be able to find it!
Thank you for your continued support!
But, FYI -  the best way to support independent musicians (especially during the pandemic) is to buy merchandise.
Buy Cds, buy MP3s, download tracks, buy Tshirts.
And thank you!

March 16,, 2020

With the advance of the COVID 19 Virus, many venues and events have been cancelled.
I am currently healthy, as is my family - and I wish the same for you.

It's going to be a tough time for many people - stay kind, and stay well!

I'll see you out there again soon - jana...



Jan 5,, 2020
Haha - in the midst of a wild torrential rain and wind storm.
Ridiculous gusts and then it goes completely still....
Like a movie.

A New Year - New Demo Video, and looking to make this the best year ever!
Hope to see you out there in the world!

New video is here





Dec 7,, 2019
Having some trouble with my email.
I can send email, but not receive.
Working on finding the solution - in the meantime, please use
Or message me through Facebook -
Thank you!


Oct 27,, 2019
The time between June and the end of Oct is always just a blur of travelling and gigs.
What a great Summer Season that was!
Capped off with a drive to Saskatoon for the biggest Quilt Show in Western Canada.
Things slow down a bit for the winter - my regular restaurants and lounges,, & some Seasonal gigs.
But also some down time to work on new material, and new guitar techniques.
So not really down time at all!

Come by a gig and say hello some time!
all the best!

June 21,, 2019
Happy Solstice!
The summer is already ramping up for me - so happy to have booked new venues, and so many familiar ones.
Full time music is exactly that!
My work is playing the gigs - my hobby is finding and booking them.

I am all over the Lower Mainland, 2 trips to Vancouver Island and alas, could only fit one trip through the Okanagan this season.
But I'll be back to Vernon at the end of Sept for the Silver Star Quilter's Guild Show.

Hope to see you out there!


April 14,, 2019

The end of 2018 brought the end of my time at Snoqualmie Casino.
I travelled to play there between 4 & 15 weeks, from 2013 to 2018.
I miss the amazing staff and guests, and I am grateful for their support.
I was asked to stay, when changes were made, but the offer was not one that worked for me - and with regret, I turned it down.
And so I am pursuing all the opportunities I can at home in Western Canada.
I've been fortunate to meet many new contacts and find many new venues.
Check out my calendar  - Summer 2019 will be a busy one!
Spring is here!


Dec 30,, 2018
And here we are once again at the end of the year.
Tides changing in my life as well - the adventure will continue!
Thank you so much for checking in here, and for all your support over the years.
I am very grateful for the people that make my life possible.
Have an amazing 2019 - and I will see you out there!


Nov 24,  2018
Thank you to West Coast Guitars for bringing in a Larrivee OM40 RW for me to try.
Now I have 2 great Larrivees.
Dec is all at Snoqualmie Casino, in Washington State!
Come by to Vista for an incredible meal, and to say Hi...
Then in January, I am taking some time to visit friends in California and Florida.
All the best for the Holiday Season my friends!


Oct 28,  2018

The next couple months sees me mostly at Snoqulamie Casino  - but check my calendar for a few dates at home.

Sept 17,  2018
The Summer Market Season is pretty much over for me - although the markets generally continue until mid to late Oct.
Now on to Snoqualmie Casino - with 2019 looking like I'll be there quite a bit!
Check back in here, or on my Facebook page for announcement of my 2019 schedule.
Many thanks to all the great Market Managers and vendors who make the summer a blast every year.

June 24,,  2018
Fully recovered from my surgery and back into my schedule full tilt.
Heading to Vancouver Island, the Okanagan, and of course, back to Vista at Snoqualmie Casino  - putting the miles on this summer!
Check out my calendar and drop by a gig to say Hi!


May 8,,  2018
Well a small medical problem forced me to take 3 weeks to have surgery and recover.
I'm grateful to the venue managers who were very understanding, and I was able to rebook.
I'm looking forward to getting back to performances on May 24 at the legendary Sylvia Hotel in Vancouver, 8 - 10 pm.
I hope to see you there!


April 18,,  2018

A few days off after a wonderful 2 weeks at Snoqualmie Casino.
My busy season is just ramping up - the days off will start to be scarce...but I love it!
Come out and say Hi at any of the wonderful restaurants, lounges, events and markets I'll be playing at not through the New Year!
And go to my Facebook Page for more info!
See you out there!



Jan 21,,  2018

The days are flying by!
The year is booking up - I am so looking forward to my favourite venues, and I'll be making some debuts in several new-to-me venues this year!
Including the historic Sylvia Hotel on English Bay in Vancouver.
I am thrilled to be playing there May 24.
And very happy to see so many restaurants and lounges hosting live music.


I'll see you out there!

Dec 17,,  2017
The Holidays at Snoqualmie Casino are cruising by!
This is my 4th year being down here for the month of Dec - I love playing for the dining guests in Vista.
And in 2018 , c
heck my schedule for the times I will be in Vista for a week or two throughout the year!
And, as always, back for the month of Dec to celebrate the holidays with the amazing staff, the outstanding food, drink and service.

I wish you all the best to for the New Year!!!

Oct 30,,  2017
What a fantastic weekend playing at the Prairieland Park Convention Centre in Saskatoon!
I have one day home - then I'm off to the US to play 2 weeks at Snoqualmie Casino...
I'll see you down there!

August 3, 2017

It's here!!!!

My new CD 'Retrace This Road' is available now on my Music Page!
I am very proud to have worked with amazing people again to produce this album.
Unrelenting thanks to Colin Nairne and Dave Meszaros for their talent, humour and tireless work ethic!
Thanks to Kirsten Starcher, and Seth Goldberg for amazing customer service and talent in the artowrk and manufacturing end...
To all the musicians - I'm deeply indebted for your full hearted contributions.

Or you can find me at a gig to see the new CD!



July 25, 2017

My 3 weeks at Snoqualmie Casino are going fast!
What a great place to play - spectacular summertime views from Vista!

My new Cd 'Retrace This Road' is at the manufacturers - I expect it to be in my hands around Aug 8 - stay tuned fro many announcements!


April 21, 2017

Spring is here, and everything is ramping up!
My latest Cd is being mixed and mastered, artwork being artworked.
As always, huge thanks to Colin Nairne, Dave Meszaros at the Shed, and Kirsten Starcher

No set release date yet (Mid May?) - but stay tuned here and on for details!

Lots of gigs coming up at Wineries, Markets, Restaurants, Events and of course, Snoqulamie Casino in Washington State.

Come on out and say Hey!


Feb 25, 2017

The winter is flying by!
Just received my next contract for Snoqualmie Casino - I am very pleased to announce that I will be performing at Vista:
July 12 - 30
Aug 23 to Sept 3
Nov 1 - 12
Dec 6 - 31


Continuing in studio with my new Cd - only 3 songs left to record...
No timeline for release as yet - but hoping for May.


Spring is on the way!


Nov 14, 2016

5 nights a week in Vista, at Snoqualmie Casino until Jan , 2017...!
So good to be back for my 4th winter contract there.

Outstanding food and service in a gorgeous upscale setting.

The Oct Sessions to start my 5th Cd were a blast - 4 songs down, 6 to go.
Cannot wait to get back to the studio in early 2017.
I always find the studio nerve wracking, as I'm sure many musicians do - but my great fortune is to work with such experienced and well respected (and dare I say, Grammy Nominated!) engineer and musicians...I try to keep up!

I hope you can come by to say hello while I am there!


Oct 25, 2016

I'll be starting my 2 month residency in the Terra Vista Restaurant, Snoqualmie Casino, in one week!
It will be so good to get back to Snoqualmie - what  a great place.


Also Oct 26/27 I am in the studio to begin sessions on my 5th Cd.
There is no timeline for the 2017 release yet - but I will be updating as the sessions progress.

Thrilled to be back at Watershed with Dave Meszaros, Colin Nairne, Rob Becker and Geoff Hicks.


Sept 20, 2016

Wow - what happened to the summer?
It was crazy and busy and fantastic!
Now, some scheduled down time in Sept and Oct, before I head to perform 5 nights a week at the upscale Terra Vista Restaurant at the Snoqualmie Casino in Washington State, Nov 2 to Jan 1.

Pacific Northwesters - come out to say Hi, have a great dinner and try your luck at the tables...

June 27, 2016

The weeks are flying by!
I performed for 3 amazing quilt shows (Victora, Shuswap and 100 Mile House)

and the markets have been crazy good!

At the end of July I head through the Thompson/Okanagan for a mini tour (July 27 to Aug 7) then over to Vancouver Island Aug 10 to 21.

My calendar page has the details - come out and say Hey when I'm in your area!


April 23, 2016

Just about to start the amazing busy summer season!
Things really kick off the first week of May - and go like crazy through to Oct.
And I'll be back to Snoqualmie Casino to play the gorgeous Terra Vista Restaurant Weds to Suns from Nov 2 through Jan 1, 2017.


Check the calendar - and I hope to see you soon!


Jan 24, 2016

Some great gigs on the way in Feb!
Come on out to the Society Gathering House Feb 4 in Chilliwack...
I'll be back at the Raven Pub in Deep Cove Feb 12...
A Valentine's Event at Backyard Vineyards Feb 14th, 1 - 5 pm.
And I'll be the featured performer at the Steveston Folk Guild Feb 18.
All upcoming date sand info on my Calendar Page.

Summer 2016 is already shaping up - it's going to be amazing in gorgeous BC!
I'll see you out there!


Aug 2, 2015

I met John Larrivee Jr and family whilst performing at the Steveston Market yesterday - lovely man - shook his hand and thanked him and his father for my guitar.


Also recived a wonderful email this morning from another gentleman - 


"Hi Jana, I really enjoyed your performance at the Steveston Market today.
I was playing with my daughter in the park nearby and got to hear several sets.
I was very impressed with your versatility in being able to sing many different styles and embody some of the character of the original singer while adding your own sound.
You do the best covers of Joni M. I have ever heard.
Made me wish I spent more time with my guitar and less with the tv.
Your playing and singing were superb. Hope to hear you again sometime.
Take care, Curtis."


June 21, 2015

Merry Summer Solstice! Happy Father's Day! 
I received a lovely email, from a lovely gentleman, after I performed at the Steveston market today - 


"Hi Jana,
Your music caught my attention today strolling in Steveston with my family.

I played it cool but was really caught off guard and moved by your wonderful, slow interpretation of Ain't No Sunshine. 
I'm not normally ready for those feelings on my way to picking up some fresh shrimp - I'm just thinking "get shrimp; eat shrimp" : ). 
I noted the CDs. I'm so happy to have picked up 'temporarily..'.  
My wife also enjoys the CD a lot.
Your music - voice, playing, choices, arrangements, collaborators ~ is beautiful; as a package, it shows unique vision. Thanks and all the very best..."







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